Mar 4, 2013

Food: A round-up (No. 2)

I've been losing track of what food I've posted and what I haven't, so I'm finally going to post this round-up from my time in the north.

I'll start with gazak, the sweet we ate all over the north:

Gazak, a sweet made with white sesame seeds -- said to keep one warm in winter.
On Wednesday, our first day in Chandigarh, we had a delicious lunch in the sun room:

Daal, roti and delicious chicken. (Pardon the green light -- it's from the sunroof overhead.) 
We finished the meal with Bengali sweets, including this chum chum. Yum! (Finally had one, Vivek.)
Tea that afternoon included snacks, of course:

Masala mix in front with a plate of biscuits, including sweet pistacio ones, behind. 
That night, we had chaat for dinner! And what the chaat counter it was:

Chaat, including panipuri, very light chana, aloo (potato) tikki and tiny potatoes in green chutney.
A close-up of the panipuri.
A close-up of the dahi vada.
On Thursday in Chandigarh, Vinita-didi made a Kashmiri tea preparation that included slivered almonds:

Kashmiri tea warming on the stove.
 On Thursday, we had a special meal for a festival celebrating the arrival of mustard flowers in the fields:

Yellow rice, sweet rice and pickle with yogurt on the side.
 As we've traveled around the north, we've been munching on delicious dried fruits and nuts.

'Dried fruits,' typically with sweet cashews, almonds, walnuts and golden raisins.

In the course of sightseeing yesterday, we ended up eating dosa at Sahastradhara:
Masala dosa with coconut chutney and sambar. I ate mine with fork and spoon, just like Pops.
Finally, my dessert following the dosa -- this time at Town Table in Dehradun:

Green tea (a bit of change) and a brownie with ice cream.
Look for another post on any missing southern foods soon.


  1. Yum! Love, love, LOVE all your posts! *crossing fingers that this comment gets posted*

  2. Thank you, Devrani! (I also had trouble replying, ha!)